Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Engagement

Sorry it's been a while since I've been around. I feel especially bad because I got so many great comments on that last post. Thanks everyone for finding this little blog and encouraging me to keep it up. It's really fun to hear from people at all corners of the world (well, mostly the states I guess). Anyway, I have some news to share which should also explain why I've been MIA. Happy reading...

Well he finally asked.  To be fair, I really shouldn’t say ‘finally’ as it relates to Dom’s asking. We’ve been together for about 2 and a half years so it’s not really all that long in the grand scheme of things, especially when you’re talking about things that are meant to last a lifetime. But I say ‘finally’ because I’m 33 and I’ve been close to engagement before (or so I thought anyway) which have ended in dramatic heartache. But now, this time….it has FINALLY happened! They say good things come to those who wait. So it’s my time, I’ve waited long enough and Dom pulled through. The engagement story doesn’t disappoint.

Where to start….

About a month or so ago Dom asked which weekend I was free to take a little trip. We take lots of trips so I wasn’t exactly sure what he was up to but I knew I wanted it to happen sooner rather than later. So we settled on the first weekend of August. He promptly bought tickets to somewhere and I stuck the date in my calendar.  I didn’t think much of it then and we didn’t really speak of it again.

Then as the week approached I began to wonder what was up.  I asked a few questions and didn’t get much in return except I was to leave work around 5:30, pack a bathing suit, flip flops and maybe a casual dress. OK…that’s pretty nondescript for a weekend away in August.

The day finally came and as we headed to the airport, the destination was revealed: Majorca. We’ve been to Majorca once before and we fell in love with it. I was excited to head back and to see what this trip was all about.

Friday we walked into a gigantic hotel room and I couldn’t help but wonder....  In typical German-Dom fashion, there was an itinerary for every moment and Friday called for a few drinks at the harbor. Then Saturday we had a packed agenda: cathedral tour in the morning, paella lunch at our favorite spot from our last trip, sunbathing on the beach, a quick change and then up to the most gorgeous bar to view the sunset. I was wondering if Dom might make a move but nothing happened. Then we headed to dinner…a beautiful 5-course meal in an outside courtyard. Nothing. Went back to our harbor for some late night drinks. Nothing.

I woke up on Sunday admittedly a little disappointed and wondering what all of this was about. Why the big show? We threw on some casual clothes and headed out.  There was apparently one last activity. I drove our little Smart car while Dom navigated. We ended up at a vineyard called Santa Catarina.  We started with a wine tasting and after choosing between white, red or rose, the staff handed us a huge picnic basket. We took our bottle of wine, our basket and headed out into the vineyard to find a shady spot at a picnic table.  We poured the wine, sliced some cheese, cut the chorizo and grabbed the bread. And just as we were about to dig in Dom asked me to pass him his camera. And inside that camera bag was not his camera but a big red box. And sitting there in Santa Catarina vineyard with a picnic and the sun beating down, Dom proposed!!! And I, of course, said yes! 


  1. Hey Shannon! Congrats again! I was trolling through my reader and was happy to see your engagement story pop up. I hope you post more about your plans! - Jamie, from high school, the "Minor" one... ;)

  2. Hi Shannon, Congratulations on the engagement! Seems like you've got an amazing man who was worth the wait!!

    I had started reading your blog just a few weeks ago and I have to say i'm hooked!

    I'm 26, from Vancouver, BC and after my first visit to London, I knew that one day I would be back. I returned twice in the following few years, but only on holiday as I was starting my career in Vancouver. I'm a true believer in things happening for a reason and I don't think I was ready for this kind of move until now. I'm so glad to have found your blog because it keeps me inspired and on track with my planning. Your tips are extremely useful, and I was wondering if I could email you directly with a few question -- if you had time of course!

    Thanks for writing.


  3. Shannon! Congrats! Forrest (my boy that is one of my many excuses for my long blog absence) also just proposed over the holidays. Here's to waiting! God bless you guys, cousin!


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