Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It's been a busy month which is why I've only now come up for air but I'm determined to get all my updates down so stay tuned! First up, I went to Mykonos for a Hen Do / Leaving Do (Bachelorette & Going Away party in American speak*) for one of my Chicago ex-pat friends, Lauren (looking good in gold, below). Lauren has now left us to head back to her hometown Chicago, together with her fiance Mark.

*A quick aside: I think I've stumped Google. And I'm losing my mind. Or my heritage. Mom, don't freak out. I could not think of the term "Going Away Party" but I know we don't say "Leaving Do" in the US. Try Googling "what do you call a leaving do in american" and you get nothing helpful. Absolutely nothing! The first result is religious and the second about racial profiling.  I stumped Google.  Hmph... I'll have a word with the guys at the top.

Anyway, Mykonos was a blast. 18 girls. Dressed in white. Running around a Greek Island. A lot happened in four days.  I'll give you the highlights and you can head on over to Mia's blog for a full rundown. (Thanks Mia. Yours is just so good, why try to beat it?).

Here's my Mykonos Top 10 of crazy happenings:

1. A lost phone
2. A stolen purse
3. A lost voice (mine for basically the entire trip)
4. A police station visit. Twice.
5. A hospital visit for a swollen-shut eye
6. A flat tire
7. A keyed Mercedes rental car
8. A pool boy named George who slept in said rental car one night. Not sure why.
9. A broken-down bathroom stall door at dinner
10. A wet bed. Luckily I wasn't in it!

All the best to Mark & Lauren. Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate!

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