Saturday, May 11, 2013

Animals of South Africa

Despite the fact that we weren’t at Kruger National Park, we still managed to squeeze in quite a bit of animal viewing in South Africa.  We spent one day at a game reserve which is a fairly large piece of private land with animals roaming freely.  A ranger takes you out in an off-roading van and spots the animals.  This is supposed to provide a safari-like experience but in all honesty, it felt more like a zoo.  While the reserve promised the “Big 5” (Rhinos, Elephants, Buffalo, Leopard & Lion), the lions were in a caged off area within the reserve and the leopard was across the street. Not exactly what we expected but I guess it got the job done.

A bit more authentic, we drove down the western Cape and stopped at Boulders Beach which is home to 3,000 penguins. I’m not sure what drew them to this particular beach, but there were penguins everywhere. There were some protected areas just for them, but there was also a beach where you could sunbathe alongside the little guys.

We also spent a rainy day while on the Garden Route at Monkeyland. Following the “safari” let down, our expectations were low and I think we both expected another zoo.  But this was a huge forest with hundreds of monkeys roaming freely and a very enthusiastic guide telling us about the evolution of man and the history of primates. The walk through the woods ended on a rope bridge seven stories high that could only safely hold 10 people at a time. Once we crossed the bridge, I couldn’t help but laugh when a monkey did his business on the shoulder of the most annoying man in our group, an older German guy who asked endless questions (and I’m not talking about Dom!)

 Third largest rope bridge in the world


  1. Hi! I love the blog! I've been looking through and saw that you decided to come years after you interned in the UK...I studied abroad there last year and am graduating this year, but I am DYING to go back to London and make the move there. Do you have any tips on how to make the move? I know it's really hard to get a job there as an American. Thanks! And I love the inspiration to be there one day and travel!

  2. Thanks, Nupur. I just added a new post with some tips! Hope it's helpful.

  3. loved to read your story and appericiated your wish for change in life, lodon is amazing and wonderful place to live you would defintely enjoy it ,stay blessed.


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