Thursday, January 24, 2013

January: A Tale of Two Extremes

We're nearing the end of January and as I reflect back on what I've been up to since returning from the Christmas holiday, two main things come to mind...and they couldn't be more opposite.

On one hand, I've seriously been enjoying a Christmas gift from my parents: the DVD series Homeland. Have you seen it? It's an action-packed unstoppable show about a marine who just returned from 8 years in captivity in Afghanistan. I've watched 21 episodes in under 21's the ultimate in lazy indulgence and I can't get enough. We're rationing the final three episodes but I have to admit as soon as I walk in the door after a long day at work, it's the first thing I think about.

Unfortunately, it's often not the first thing I do...which brings me to the opposite extreme. In a New Years Resolution to get fit (what else is new....), I bought the next generation of P90X. It's a workout DVD program called Insanity. Holy crap. It is what it says it is...Insane. About 40 minutes of non-stop jumping and panting and being yelled at by a huge ripped dude who goes by Shaun T. So far, so good but this is just the beginning. Month two is supposed to be even more Insane than the first. I can't even imagine what that must be like. Hopefully I hang in there long enough to find out. Anybody else out there tried this "insane" workout?

So speaking of new years resolutions, here are my others for the year:

1. As part of "getting fit" I want to work out while traveling so I don't come back home feeling "blah"
2. Start learning German through a class or tutor or something other than online courses
3. Take a drawing class (Yes, this has appeared before, but it's yet to be done. Oops.)

I recently read that 35% of people fail in their new years resolutions before the end of January. You've got a week left to keep from being one of "them"!

In final January news, London had a sprinkling of snow. A couple of inches predictably brought the city to its knees. Cancelled trains. Hundreds of cancelled flights. Headline news for about a week. It did look pretty. Here's my building dusted in snow. (This was the peak of it!)


  1. Whoa Shannon, good luck with Insanity. Charlie and I have actually been doing Power 90 since Thanksgiving. It is Tony Horton's orginal fitness video a lot less insane than P90X and especially Insanity. It is great for beginners like us really eases you into it.

  2. This is a brilliant blog! Love reading the updates. I've been reading for a while, but thought I'd finally comment since you mentioned Homeland. I got introduced to the show a few months ago and I watched both seasons in within 2 weeks, so I completely understand your addiction!

    I have really enjoyed your blog and noted a lot of tips as I'm doing exactly the same thing in July... packing up and moving to London!

    Keep blogging :)


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