Monday, August 13, 2012

The Games

I had the privilege of attending several Olympic events. And when I wasn't there in person, I was glued to the couch watching the tube.  Can anyone out there relate?

Here's what I attended --


Venue: “North Grenwhich Arena” aka the O2 Arena, a state-of-the art concert hall
Game:   Womens Team Final 
Winner: USA!! 
Seat: Out of this world. I sprang for a good ticket and ended up in a box seat with a great view of the entire stadium. Team USA was incredible - being there was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Team USA entering the arena

"Flying Squirrel" Gabby Douglas

USA Top of the Charts

 Just found out they won!

 Medal Ceremony for US, Russia & Romania
Homemade shirt & Chocolate Medal

Womens Football

Venue: Wembley Stadium, home of the English national football team & second largest stadium in Europe
Game:  Mexico vs. Japan
Winner: Japan who went on to play against the US in the Gold-Medal game

Beach Volleyball

Venue: Horse Guards Parade, a temporary Olympic stadium built in the middle of a park
Game: Mens Netherlands vs. Switzerland / Womens Span vs. Italy
Winner: Netherlands / Italy
Atmosphere: Incredible. This felt like a big party and was probably one of the most fun events to attend. The announcer was really loud and got the crowd going. There was music playing at every break and there was even a little dance team that performed in between games. And the wave went around the stadium probably 15 times. Did you know in England, they call it the Mexican Wave?

I said it was a party atmosphere!


Venue: Olymipc Stadium where they held the Opening / Closing Ceremony
Game: Qualifying for women’s hammer throw, several races and some of the Men’s Decathlon sports including pole vault, shot put and long jump

She is one of the first women entering the games for Saudi Arabia – wearing long sleeves and head covering.

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