Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympic Fever

Leading up to the games, it was typical British cynicism – Londoners were grumbling about the amount of extra people who were going to be crowding the streets, the very likely problem of trains breaking down and disrupting their daily routines, and I think many people were worried that London’s Olympics would somehow be a failure and would be an embarrassment not only to the city, but to Brits as a whole. But besides the early ticketing problems (half-empty stadiums at “sold out” events), the London Olympics have been anything but a failure and London has really (FINALLY!) come alive.  I’ve loved every minute.

The numerous volunteers have been fantastic, people have come out in droves to support the games, the trains have run frequently and smoothly, the BBC gave click-of-the-button access to every single event, even the weather has been great…probably the best two weeks of the year. And Team GB has done outstandingly well in the games this year, making it all the easier to find the spirit.

This volunteer sums it up perfectly:

As a volunteer I can honestly say that my faith has been restored in both London and in people. It has been the most amazing experience for someone disillusioned with most things that were British. London has stood up to its critics and produced a magnificent Games. Everyone including underground staff, the police, the armed forces, shopkeepers, volunteers and the spectators have been so full of 'joie de vivre' that it's been a pleasure to be involved in such a wonderful event. A once in a lifetime opportunity leading to lifelong memories. Let all of us keep smiling as a tribute to London 2012.

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