Sunday, June 10, 2012

Queen's Jubilee & Lisbon

This past weekend, the UK got an extra day off thanks to the Queen’s 60 years of reign. Several people have asked what it was like around town during the Jubilee celebrations. Actually, I left. Went to Lisbon, Portugal instead. I think it was a good choice - it was a rainy cold weekend (like always) in London and very crowded. 

Lisbon proved to be a nice combination of city break and beach paradise. We ticked off the obligatory tower, castle, monastery, city lookout point, statue and bridge in the first two days and hit the beach for 7 hours of sun on our last day in town. I was more than impressed with the beach – miles of white sand, good wind for the kite survers, and a (surprising) nude section with lots of uninhibited men. “Turn around and try not to stare!”

Some key observations of Lisbon:
  • Terrain: Hilly. Think San Francisco. Lisbon has the cable cars too.
  • Architecture: Combination of Italian and Spanish looking with unique patterned tiles used to decorate the exterior of the buildings.
  • Unusual sites: “April 25th Bridge” inspired by the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco & “Christ the King” statue inspired by Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Are they lacking in imagination? Why all the knock-offs?
  • Famous Person: Vasco de Gama who discovered the sea route to India.
  • Food: Seafood (lots of mackeral, sardines & salted cod), Peri peri chicken, broth-based soups and a fair amount of Indian food.
  • Drink: Port wine 

It was a great weekend getaway with lots of variety and nice weather. God save the queen!

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  1. You look fabulous, as always, but tell Dom he's looking svelt!


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