Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review: Beach Blanket Babylon Notting Hill

It's come up a couple times recently in conversation how I like to write reviews. I don't mind writing reviews because I value the reviews of others so much. Tit for tat, you know? I read reviews before booking any hotel, before making a reservation at a new restaurant, before visiting a city and so on.

The harshest review I've ever written was for a once-favorite restaurant that I fell out of love with after this one instance. I had friends in town and we went to a funky place in Notting Hill.

Here's what I posted on TripAdvisor:

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  1. I keep saying I will write reviews, especially for the places I love, and never do...think I will start doing that, thanks for inspiring me! And for warning us all of Beach Babylon! :)


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