Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Hate the Tube at Night

Oh how I hate riding the tube at night. And tonight I did it alone for the first time in a while. Dom’s in Germany visiting his family and after dinner with the girls, I took the tube back home to the other end of town.

England has a serious drinking problem. While consumption of alcohol over the past 20 years across most industrialized nations, including the US, has declined, consumption of alcohol per person has increased by 19% in the UK.  And this isn’t just about young people going out on weekend benders. I read recently that alcohol-related hospital cases are on the sharpest incline for people over 65. 

If you ever doubt these statistics, just ride the tube at night. You’ll quickly be convinced that this country suffers from a serious problem. The last train usually leaves its station between 12am and 12:30am and if you catch one of these later trains, you’ll never doubt again. Tonight I saw a girl about my age who had just fallen down the stairs and when she got back onto her feet, she hit her head into the wall that was about 4 feet from where she started. Another girl was just sitting on the staircase leading down to the train platform with her head in her hands.  A man in his 40s made childlike tongue-hanging-out faces at me as he entered the train at one stop. I was slightly amused until I realized that he was just disgustingly drunk, so much so that he passed out on the train and his glasses popped off his head and onto the floor. His friend was too drunk to bother picking them up or moving out of the way in order for the rest of us to get off the train. And this was just tonight. I’ve seen plenty of other sad cases on the tube.

And night busses? Don’t even get me started. I stopped doing that a long time ago.


  1. Please stop doing that! You have enough money for cabs! It just needs to be expected that paying for cabs is a necessary monthly expense. Glad you got home safely! BTW, is this your way of telling me subtly I drink too much???

  2. Sarah you're very right! Let's all spare ourselves this experience from here on out. And of course you don't drink too much...just enough to get your booty moving on the dance floor!


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