Sunday, March 11, 2012

...And We're Back!

After a month+ without internet, I'm happy to say it's finally been installed and hopefully this blog will see some love again.

It's been a busy month with the biggest event being the hunt for a new flat and ultimately, the move from east London to West Hampstead. West Hampstead is northwest of the city and has a main drag of pubs, cafes and restaurants.  It's a quaint area with beautiful residential streets. It's not far from Hampstead Heath, one of London's best parks, and St. Johns Wood which contains Abbey Road, famous for the Beatles album cover.  We still need to do some more exploring of the area, but it seems nice and it definitely helps that some of our friends are very nearby.

The nearest pub/restaurant to us is a house-looking place which I thought might be a nice Italian restaurant. Instead, it's Czech bar appropriately named "Czechoslovakia" where you can get a pretty serious goulash or schnitzel and Budweiser on tap (the Czech kind, not the American one! For an interesting read about that, see this wikipedia entry). 

In addition to the move, we've kept busy with a series of visitors:

  • Tony, the husband of my longtime friend Jess was in town for a few weeks for work. We got together with him a couple times and ate too much, drank too many caipirinhas and ended one night by getting called "yanks" in a derogatory manner by some east end blokes. We got them back by making fun of their Reebok track suits. 
  • My good friend Gina was in town for a week recently. She's the first of my Chicago-based friends to meet Dom and she took this job seriously. She came prepared with a collection of questions from the Chicago crew which she asked Dom throughout our night out. They started out pretty easy with "What's your middle name", quickly moved to "Do you have any ex-wives" and ended up with the random "Do you have skinny legs". Pretty funny but I think he got a good report in the end.
  • Dom's mom came to visit shortly after our move and she stayed in our new place with us.  We spent most of the weekend indoors organizing the flat but did venture out for a quick afternoon shopping trip and a Czech beer on the way home!
I'm coming up in a crazy travel schedule but hope to provide some updates along the way: Tel Aviv, Stuttgart, Singapore, Malaysia and China are next up!

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  1. Hi Shannon! So I am thinking about 'moving to London'...I am an Interior Designer from Atlanta, currently in New England...I came across this blog and LOVE it..I need advice! Lots of it! You will have my email after this is posted and my website is (obviously would need to find a design firm/team in London to join)

    Where do I start...besides a job! :)

    Thanks for blogging! Amy


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