Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Disney New Year

After three short days of Christmas cheer in Germany, Dom and I headed back to London for a quick night to regroup, repack and then head to the US to meet up with my family.  We rented a house in Orlando, Florida for a week and we spent a couple days at the parks. It was the first time my brothers and Dom would meet so I was excited for that. I think Dom was most excited about light beers and food....cheeseburgers, sushi, steak, burritos, chocolates, McDonalds & Starbucks (in America), and most of all, another chance to visit Fudruckers. Oh, he was excited to see the family too.


We spent a day at Epcot and visited all the countries. As you'll see, we basically turned it into a day of "drinking around the world".

Jackie and I enjoyed wine in France.

We took a pit stop in Morocco (notice Jeff's wet shirt, he's my bro far right, not sure what that's about!).

The boys gagged on saki in Japan &  Ryan and Jackie shared a margarita in Mexico.

Hollywood Studios

Toward the end of the week, we spent a day at Hollywood Studios, formerly known as MGM. I really enjoyed this park; we had a beautiful day and it was all movie-themed and catered for adults.

What a good-lookin bunch in our 3D glasses for the Muppet Show

Ryan and I after a show about producing action films

Highlights of the day included: (1) the Tower of Terror, a scary dropping elevator ride based on the movie The Twilight Zone, (2) A super fast rollercoaster featuring Aerosmith, (3) A stunt show with altered cars that can slide, flip and drive backwards, (4) Spectacle of Dancing Lights....a light show choreographed to music, complete with snow, and really beyond anything you can imagine. It would make Clark Griswold proud.

We all went out for New Years Eve dinner and then Dom and I split off to see Blue Man Group. Afterwards we found our way to Downtown Disney for a glass of champagne and walk by the water.

And before you knew it, the day had come when we all split up. Jeff had already left to attend a wedding in Ohio. Jackie went to Cleveland.  My parents & Ryan headed off for Cincinnati. The week went far too fast but to me, it felt just like old times. Given that my 10 year college reunion is coming up this summer, the family hasn't all lived in one city in quite a while.  It's a shame we're all spread out but it does make getting together that much sweeter. Happy New Year.


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