Saturday, January 7, 2012


I had been warned before I moved to England to never, ever visit a British dentist. I must have read this somewhere and it just stuck with me.  I’ve lived in London for over a year now and had refused to go. But it’s a new year and, let’s be honest, a year is too long to go without dental care. Gross.

So I went.

Just like my experiences with the NHS (healthcare), I was very pleasantly surprised. Actually, it was great. Very thorough. Pleasant. Modern. Really makes me question why the English have the reputation (and live up to it!) of having bad teeth.

And the insurance couldn’t be easier. Under my dental plan, I can visit any dentist, send in the receipts and get reimbursed in five days. The plan covers about one and a half cleanings per year at this office (I’m sure I could have found somewhere cheaper even), an annual checkup and some x-rays.  Not too shabby.

Another score in my book for social medicine / uncomplicated insurance programs.

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