Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Trees, Noise & Scrapbooks

I can't believe it's been so long since my last update.
A quick status on recent happenings --

  • Living: As mentioned before, I moved from west to east, into Bethnal Green and in with Dom. So far pretty good. Of course, there are some growing pains. Like the fact that I sometimes forget to close the window before leaving the house (who cares?). Or ring out the sponge that sits in the sink (really?). But all in all, I think we're doing pretty good. It's been fun coming home and making dinner together and watching movies and recounting our days at work.
  • In sharing our first holiday together: I asked for a 6 foot Christmas tree. Dom suggested no tree at all.  Then in a sweet gensture, he bought me a tree while I was away. It's waist-high. The fact that I have 100 ornaments to hang seems to have been lost, and my tiny tree now holds the lightest 5 ornaments in the box. There's always next year I guess.
  • Work Travel: Dublin, Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam. Entirely too much work travel, which explains why this blog has been severely lacking. Sorry.
  • Weekends: First I moved in, then one in town with friends, a weekend in Stuttgart visiting Dom's mom & grandparents (baked plenty of German christmas cookies under the guidance of Nana Sigrid), followed by Dom's mom and dad staying with us in our flat in London.
  • Christmas: Plans are 3 nights in Germany and a week in Orlando with the family. Should be fun.
  • Condo in Chicago: Tenants have been unreasonably noisy according to everyone who lives in the building (besides them of course). I've been forced to take action to start evicting them. Total nightmare. 
  • Scrapbook: Yes, an unlikely topic, but one that's been on my mind since September. I bought a bunch of stuff from a US online store so that I could put together a scrapbook of my parent's visit. This cost more for the international shipping than the actual supplies, but I didn't care, I was excited for all the London and Rome stickers and supplies I found. I placed this order in September. Since September, I've waited a month before it entered the UK, another month to receive a letter saying I owe customs import tax. And another month to learn that the package was delivered and signed for by a man by the name of Jean Patrick. Basically, someone has stolen the package that I've paid over $100 for and waited over 3 months to receive. Back to the drawing board. Blah.

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  1. Aw. I have enough scrapbook supplies for 10 books you can look through ... though no Rome stickers!


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