Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goodbye Notting Hill

I've lived in London for over a year now. September 28th was my anniversary and wow it has flown by. 
If you've followed my blog from the beginning, you'll know what a hard time I originally had at finding a place to live. I spent a month in temporary housing, a week at a friend's place, a few days couch-surfing and a week and a half in New York with all of my stuff since I had no place to call home back in London.  When I did finally move into a flat, I had a hard time making it feel like home. It was just so white and felt rather lifeless. Eventually, I filled it up with a few homey things, added various roommates to liven it up (and help pay the bills), and eventually settled in. 

And after that, it's pretty amazing how fast the routines set in, the favorite little spots are discovered and before you even know it, you've become part of the community and identify yourself with this area that you've chosen to call home.  I'm only now realizing how comfortable I've become because I'm getting ready to move. And I'm moving east, to a different area entirely. If I try to sum it up: the west is yummy mummies, pristine parks and English charm whereas the east is diverse, vintage, raw and "cool".  In Chicago terms, it's like moving from Lincoln Park to Wicker Park.

So why the big move east?  I'm moving in with Dom.  Yes, that's right. A new year, a new adventure.  Stay tuned & wish me luck.

You'd think that a mere 10 miles would be nothing after I hauled my stuff 4,000 miles this time last year, but moving is moving and it's an undertaking no matter what the distance.

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