Friday, October 7, 2011

Michael Jackson

Disclaimer: This title is misleading.

I realize that I haven't mentioned my roommate situation in a while. Early summer I decided that while my beautiful two-bedroom flat in Notting Hill was ever-so-great, it was making me poor. I needed a roommate. I decided to seek out a someone temporary just so I didn't find myself roped into a long term commitment that I hated.

First, there was Didi. She was a PhD student at Harvard who needed to conduct research in London for 3 months during summer break. Perfect. She came. She went. After one month. Research was apparently unfruitful and that was that.

A few weeks later I posted the ad again. Got a response from a French woman named Fanny Leriche-Jackson, who's married to an American guy.  They were living in Paris, moving to London and she needed to move immediately while her husband Michael finalized his visa back in France. The visa process has taken much longer than anticipated and here we are five months later and she's still here. And he's since moved in too.  So now, I live with Fanny & Michael Jackson.  

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