Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Sieves Do London

In August, the Sieves came to Europe, well Mr. and Mrs. at least! Woohoo! To set the stage, my dad had never been to Europe and it’s been 38 years since my mom’s first and only visit. We decided to spend the first five days in London, followed by four days in Rome. After a month of preparing the perfect agenda, we came up with an action-packed trip of a lifetime.

Their first full day in London, we went to the Musical Chicago. Here, I introduced my boyfriend Dom to my parents while also introducing Dom to the wonderful world of musicals. Chicago is one of my favs, and not because I used to live there. Lucky for us, we caught Chicago on its last night in London after years of continuous showing.

We then spent days of sightseeing London….

Obligatory photo with the queen!

And the major sites:

Tour with a Beefeater at the Tower of London:

Tower Bridge

After a history lesson at the Tower of London, we took an impromptu boat ride to Greenwich to see the mean time line. This line divides east longitude from west, but you have to earn the right to see it by climbing this steep hill.

Wow this is steep.

But we made it!

Our reward afterwards

And the gray skies opened up at the end of the day and a rainbow shone all over London

Then we spent the day out at Hampton Court Palace which was home to several Kings and Queens throughout English history including Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth.

The ceiling


We found Abbey Road, Abbey Road Studios, the studio where the Beatles recorded most of their albums, and then in true stalker fashion, we found Paul McCartney’s house. It’s unclear if he still owns the home but (based on my 3-seconds of research) there’s no evidence that he has sold it.


We toured Buckingham Palace and though we couldn’t take pictures inside, I can tell you that it was even more grand and surprisingly more tasteful than I had expected. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting London. You’re best off booking tickets and a time slot ahead of time. Kate Middleton’s wedding gown was on display while we were there. In person, the dress was pretty and classic. It looked so tiny. Kate is really a teeny tiny thing.

My parents time in London was busy, busy, busy, but they were troopers. London calls for thick skin. Between the endless busses and tubes, miles of walking and often uncooperative weather, it can really be tough. Mix in some jetlag and the Notting Hill Carnival which was on the same weekend (shutting down all nearby streets making transportation a real nightmare) and it called for even more walking and more patience than usual. If that's even possible.


  1. Glad the P's had a good time. It dawned on me that if London is challenging for visitors, it was also challenging for all of us, so good for us for being so strong!!

  2. Good point. Frankly, I still sometimes find it challenging. Tiring, at least. All the public transportation can really be draining.


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