Sunday, September 25, 2011

And Then The Sieves Do Rome

After five days in London, my parents headed off to Rome. Dom and I then met them for three nights in what I can say is one of my all-time favorite cities. I just love Rome. There’s so much history, the architecture is stunning, the Coliseum is one of my favorite sites. I love how the piazzas come alive at night, the hundreds of little churches tucked into alleyways, the thousands of windy streets and I could go on and on. I hope to get back again in the next couple of years.

A trip to Rome isn’t complete without a day at the Vatican. We booked a tour but I think I enjoyed taking photos and staring at the ceilings more than anything.

                                   Dom can’t wait

The next day was my Mom’s birthday and we spent it at the Coliseum and the ancient ruins. We booked a special tour that gave us access to the level below the stage. It’s a maze-like place where the gladiators and animals were kept before they would be raised up through the stage floor to fight. Our tour guide Claudia brought to life a day at the Coliseum as it used to be and now I want to watch Gladiator again.

We squeezed in a few extra spots.

Trevi Fountain

Make a wish at the fountain!

Mom’s Birthday Dinner

Our tour guide during the afternoon kept talking about lasagna and by dinner, we were all craving it. We sat down at one restaurant and ended up leaving because they didn’t have lasagna on the menu. We found our way back to the ruins and into a restaurant nearby (picture above) for a memorable birthday dinner to say the least. The one and only waiter (who I’ve given the name Luigi because he looks like the Mario brothers character at about 70 years of age) managed to get into some sort of argument with every single patron. Within minutes of sitting down he put me off by calling me “difficult” for pointing out to Dom that Heineken was listed on the menu. Geesh. The lasagna wasn’t great, the service was aggressive but thankfully it had a pretty sweet view of ancient Rome.

My favorite building

Piazza de Republica

Spanish Steps

Thanks for coming, Mom & Dad. It was a great trip with lots of fun memories. Mom, I owe you a scrapbook to capture all of them!

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