Friday, July 8, 2011

Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is England’s Kentucky Derby Equivalent. Dressing up is required. Men wear suits and some were even in top hats and tails. Hats are basically mandatory for the ladies. For many of the American ladies in our group, buying the hat was somewhat of a nightmare as it’s something we’re just not used to doing. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a hat store in Edinburgh months ago and bought mine then, well in advance of the big day. Getting this dressed up was really fun and I have to admit that I really felt like a ‘proper lady’ from my hat to my heels!

We really clean up, don't we?


Our group of 18 of us met at Waterloo tube station and took the hour-long train out to Ascot together. Unfortunately, there were plenty of others with a similar idea and so the train was absolutely packed. We used champagne and each other’s company to get through it all.

Once at Ascot, the sky opened and it rained off and on for the first hour or so. With the help of a friendly steward (featured in the pic below), we scored a nice covered spot and used it as our base for the day. I wish I could remember this man’s name, but I do remember a bit about his love life: the poor guy is in his 70s now and married late in life, at age 63. He's currently separated because his wife has become too obsessed with “ The BookFace”. Of course he meant Facebook….but can you imagine this? A 70 year old woman so obsessed with Facebook that her marriage is suffering?!?

After completing our afternoon at the races – comprised mostly of drinking champagne & Pimm’s, eating street food, people watching, queen spotting (oh yes we did!) and doing a tiny bit of betting – we headed down to the bandstand.  Yes, I'm talking about a raised gazebo with a band inside. And we sang a dozen songs with thousands of other people. Why? I don't really know. Apparently it’s tradition. Why we sang “New York, New York” while waving the British Union Jack flag.... I’ll never understand.

For more good reading and pictures of Ascot, visit my friend Sarah’s beautiful write-up on her blog.

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  1. Wow ... I hadn't seen that pic before. Must have been after a few glasses of champagne.


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