Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tips for Istanbul

I need to write a post on our visit to Istanbul (which was actually very nice), but first....since Nicole and I are experts after a whole 48 hours in the city, here are some tips for your visit to Istanbul:
  • Never listen to a shopkeeper who tries to tell you that the shop you’re looking for up the street is closed. He's lying.
  • Do not drink the Turkish coffee. I would say it’s like drinking pure caffeine, but actually it’s worse. It’s straight gasoline.
  • Visit a Turkish Bath but only if you aren’t modest. At all.  I’ll leave it at that.
  • If you want to see a twirling dervish, I’ll spare you the expense: Put on a white dress, put one arm up and one arm down and turn in circles for an entire song. Done.
  • When someone says “I am not a tour guide, this is free” they are also lying. They will want you to spend your money somehow.
  • Inbreeding is in. Google it.
  • The Asia side of Bospherous River doesn’t look like Asia at all.
  • There’s nothing delightful about Turkish Delight. Stick with the baklava.
  • If you’ve seen one bazaar, you’ve seen them all.
  • And some important tips for women:
    • If you ride on the tram, beware of Turkish men who like to pretend that their dangling arms are 'accidentally' grazing the bottoms of the women passengers.
    • Learn some slang words so you know when the men walking by are talking about you. They're not saying wholesome things. 
    • Buy a headscarf. They’re required for mosques and if you don't have your own, they’ll make you borrow one. Gross.
    • Cover up: The men seem to be able to undress you with their eyes so don't give them any help!


  1. thanks for the interesting info. Can i ask how you found your holiday trip package deal. I am planning a summer holiday and using but the offers arent really what they seem. Thanks

  2. I didn't buy a package...just a flight and we stayed in a flat (rather than hotel) found on Definitely a good option if you're staying for at least 3 nights. Good luck!

  3. Hi,
    Very interesting comments about Istanbul and Turkey...
    I believe you have only experienced the touristic side of the city and the culture. Next time -if there will be- I suggest you to ask your Turkish friends for tips, things to do, etc...
    Besides, turkish coffee is not gasoline else it is just different :) Oh also, pls check this out:
    about the Whirling Dervishes, not twirling and what they do is more than turning during the "song", it is called Sema and there are 4 stages of it...


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