Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Take That Sign Down Now. You’re Lying!

I seem to keep coming across outrageous signs. They just make me mad. They advertise something that seems great at first and then I quickly realize that they’re not quite as they appear. It doesn’t exactly do “what it says on the tin” as they say.

Some recent examples:

1. Tesco, a major grocery chain, claims on the side of one of its larger stores in the city, that it’s open 24 hours. Being open 24 hours is pretty revolutionary in London where shops, hairdressers, dry cleaners, pretty much EVERYTHING closes around 7pm. But lets look at this sign a little more closely. Notice the words JUST below the huge “Open 24 hours” in the huge red circle. It lists the store hours! Only open from 11A-5P on a Sunday? The most popular grocery shopping day? 24 hours? Take that sign down now. You’re lying.

2. While in Istanbul, I flew on a discount airline out of Sabiha Gokcen airport. This isn't the main Istanbul airport and it was an hour and a half outside the city center. When I (finally) arrived, I was greeted with a sign that stated “Worlds Best Airport”. Wow. I’ve been to a lot of airports. Some are better (Amsterdam Schipol, Heathrow Terminal 5) than others (LAX is a personal least favorite). But to claim World’s Best Airport…that’s a pretty bold statement. Shouldn’t this be backed up somehow? According to Skytrax World Airport Awards 2011, Hong Kong is the best airport in the world. Moscow is named the best airport in Eastern Europe. In fact, Sabiha Goken isn’t listed anywhere. Sabiha Gokcen…you’re lying.

3. Europcar, a large car rental company, proudly claims on their website’s homepage and on large posters hanging in their branches that they deliver cars to your door for free. In London, this concept is pretty important given that you’ll likely be lugging your stuff on public transportation to some rental location not too near your house. But of course there’s a catch and it’s not listed anywhere on their happy website or on their cheerful signs. The delivery service (free or otherwise) doesn’t apply to Saturdays. Seriously? Just take the sign down.

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  1. you're still cracking me up. keep it up. seems like you are running into a lot of lies lately.


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