Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Islands

I’ve been a lot of places but can truly say that the Greek islands is the most breathtakingly beautiful spot I’ve ever seen.


Santorini is the island you see in all the pictures with the white buildings with blue roofs. The hotels are mostly situated high on the hill for good views below.

View from our hotel room:

This is what I saw when I opened the door.

And after two steps....

And turn to the left.


We rented a 4-wheeler and let me tell you, I loved that thing. We buzzed around the island in no time!

Nice helmet, eh?

Nicole is revving it up at the gas station.

Too bad it didn’t have a reverse.

When we weren't driving (or pushing) the four wheeler, we took a cable car down the hillside to the water and a donkey back up. There was a guy right in front of me who’s donkey zigzagged up the entire way. He kept yelling in broken English that his donkey was drunk. I think Nicole was scared to death the whole time. I just couldn’t stop laughing.


We then took a high-speed ferry over to Mykonos where we spent most of our time in a spa and then camped out on beach chairs enjoying the view.

We watched the sunset and ate dinner under the windmills in an area called Little Venice. Yes, it was all very romantic :)

Not much more to say about Greece. Relaxing and beautiful. Basically, you just need to go.

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