Friday, May 13, 2011

Trip Home: Rach & Pete's Wedding

Wow, it’s been nearly a month now, but I wanted to mention my quick trip back home for a friend’s wedding. I’ll just recap the highlights of the 4-night trip to Chicago and Indianapolis:

• Going straight from O’Hare airport to a bar where 20 friends were waiting
• Road tripping to Indy with Jill just like old times
• Meeting up with my parents for brunch in Indianapolis where my dad gave me a painting
• Hearing my beautiful friend Jill get called out by a woman at the hotel bar for not having her toenails painted
• The wine and letter ceremony at Rachel & Pete’s wedding – very cute
• Announcing with everyone at the wedding “Mr. and Mrs. Gilboy”
• The fact that the signature drink at the wedding’s cocktail hour was a vodka pink lemonade and was called “Murphy’s Bleechers” (the drink we used to order at the bar by that name)
• Seeing pretty much every friend I know at the wedding…all the Labyrinth Ladies (college friends) and Chicago friends all in one go!
• Sharing two desserts with my tiny friend Marisa during the wedding
• Jumping up and down (aka dancing) to the band. Always fun.
• Driving Rachel White’s car back to Chicago. Oh, how I miss driving.
• Walking along Lake Shore Drive to Michigan Avenue for a little bit of shopping
• Holding Audrey, Shawn & Josh’s 2-week old baby
• Eating panang curry at Pot Pan

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