Sunday, May 15, 2011

Royal Wedding Madness

After the Kate Middleton spotting, the Royal Wedding Day was a little hard to get excited about. I mean, that was going to be hard to beat. The wedding granted all UK workers the day off, so Lisa and I headed toward Buckingham Palace. Our 10A arrival got us nowhere. Yes, the wedding started at 11A. We ended up watching the event on big screens in Green Park, the park adjacent to the palace, along with plenty of others. The experience reminded me quite a bit of watching the Obama acceptance speech in Chicago’s Grant Park several years back. But this was much more organized, less chaotic and overall, just calmer.

I have to say that I really enjoyed watching the Brits get excited. They’re such a reserved group, but on this day, they seemed to really come out of their shell…singing together, cheering and proudly waving the union jack flag.

After the show, Lisa called into WLIT, the radio station she used to work at in Chicago and was put on air! She recounted the experience of being in London for the wedding and gave me a couple shout outs too!

Yes…that is her shirt! Ha ha.

The only person I know who got a good up-close-and-personal view was Amy who camped overnight with a sleeping bag, 2 umbrellas, garbage bags, toilet paper, tea, water, deck of cards, head lamp (a what?), camera and tripod. This girl was serious!

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