Sunday, May 15, 2011


Lisa and I took a day trip to Oxford. An hour train ride from Paddington Station is all it takes. We got into town and quickly signed up for a tour around campus so we knew what we were looking at.

This is our knowledgeable tour guide who hated answering questions. Isn’t that his job?? Didn't even catch his name.

Despite the tour guide's detachment from us, I found it all very interesting. The University of Oxford is actually a collection of 32 individual colleges, each with its own dining hall, housing and chapel. Students and professors apply and get accepted into a college. Of course, your degree says University of Oxford, but your affiliation lies closely with your college. The campus was absolutely beautiful as you can see below.

After the tour, we ate lunch at a pub where we experienced the grotesqueness of the Scottish Egg….a hard boiled egg surrounded by a fatty sausage, rolled in a ball, fried and served cold. Disgusting.

We then did a bit of shopping and took a quick boat ride alongside practicing crew teams.

After a quick drink overlooking the water, we were exhausted and took the train back. Unfortunately, we had to stand the entire trip. Ugh. Guess our idea of heading out for the day on a public holiday wasn’t as unique as we thought!

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