Monday, May 16, 2011


On yet another recent day off, (even I can admit it’s ridiculous....but of course I LOVE it), Lisa and I took a quick overnight trip to Edinburgh. This was my first trip to Scotland and I fell in love with it. The landscape is beautiful, the people are charming (even though I could barely understand a word they said), and the weather was perfect.

We had no agenda, but in a town as small as Edinburgh, you can pretty much fit in everything without much thought. We took in a lot of sites.

We stumbled upon a Scotch Whiskey Tour and even though neither of us really cares for whiskey, we figured, why not. When in Rome…. Lisa enjoyed the drink more than she imagined and stumbled out of the tour too :)

The tour started with this funny projection man explaining how whiskey was made. Here, he’s telling us that the wheat needs water.

This particular company was started because a man donated his private collection of 3,380 bottles of whiskey! We learned about the different Scottish regions and the type of whiskey each produces, and of course got to sample them at the end.

If you look closely at this bottle, you can see on the left that it contains a letter from the distributor offering the purchaser a night’s stay at his personal vacation home. Buy a bottle of whiskey, get a vacation for free!

We also did some shopping and I even managed to buy a hat for The Royal Ascot, the English version of the Kentucky Derby, which is coming up in June. Just like prom (where you find your dress before your date), for Ascot, you find your hat before your dress.

We had a gorgeous lunch just outside the Edinburgh castle at this place called The Witchery and managed to get in some cheesy tourist fun too.

We woke up in Edinburgh to the news of the death of Osama bin Laden. I first saw a post on Facebook and quickly turned on the news. As my American friends can relate, and maybe others too, this is one of the things you don’t forget…..kind of like the OJ chase (for some reason I’ll always remember babysitting and watching that white SUV for hours) and, of course, the collapse of the twin towers.

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