Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Other Dumb Things I've Done

I mentioned a couple of the dumb things I’ve done in that Miamian article. But there have been several others. Here are a few more that come to mind:

  • On one of my trips to Paris, I got up at 6:30 in the morning, caught my 7A taxi, got all the way to the train station, printed out my Eurostar boarding pass only to realize I left my passport at home. Had to exchange my ticket, take a taxi home and back and take the next train. D’oh! 
  • In November, I was meeting clients in Amsterdam. I showed up at their office door at the scheduled time. Just as I was about to hit their office buzzer, I got a phone call from them. I forgot I had told them to meet at the Google office miles away. So a group of eight of them had, in true Dutch fashion, bicycled 2 miles through the snow. And then had to cycle all the way back. Oops!
  • Most recently, I committed to speaking at a conference. Then WEEKS later realize that I already had a plane ticket to fly out to Chicago at the very time I was supposed to be presenting. I was in a bit of a panic mode over this one figuring that the flight change fee would cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily (I guess), the flight cost had actually come down and so the difference in fare plus the change fee only resulted in twelve extra bucks. I can handle that.
  • When coming home for Christmas, I was taking a flight out of Gatwick airport. I had never flown out of Gatwick so in an effort to get organized, I bought a ticket online ahead of time which got me from Paddington Station (not a far bus ride from my house) all the way to Gatwick. What I didn’t realize was that the first leg of the ticket was nothing more than a tube ride from Paddington to Victoria Station where I would then take the train. There are MUCH quicker and easier ways to get to Victoria station than going through Paddington, but since I had already booked, I now had to get to Paddington to collect the ticket. So in the end, I had to lug my 50 pound suitcase on a bus, the tube and then a train just to get to the airport. Blah.

Logistics. I am clearly not good at this stuff. Wish I had a personal assistant. Anyone interested?

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