Thursday, April 28, 2011


My friend Lisa is over visiting for a month from Chicago and like most Americans, she's obsessed with the royal wedding.

Don't get me wrong, it's been wedding fever in London too. There are endless TV specials on, daily news articles, oh, and we had a royal wedding party at work complete with a tiered wedding cake and costumes. But most Londoners are getting out of town or don't really seem to care. Not a single person today discussed their royal wedding day plans. It seems assumed that the answer is 'nothing'.

So onto the story worthy of this title ....

A colleague and I took a client out to lunch yesterday at 1:30P. What started out as one bottle of wine soon turned to three and so needless to say, we never made it back to the office. By 5PM, Lisa was on her way to meet us. After another drink (or two) at the pub, my colleague left. Then my client left.  And so Lisa and I headed out to the beautiful Goring Hotel We specifically picked this hotel because Lisa's People Magazine told us that Middletons would be staying there.  We wanted to check it out for ourselves, and of course, secretly prayed we'd catch a glimpse.

We stepped out of the taxi in front of the Goring and had our pictures snapped by the papparazi waiting on the sidewalk opposite the hotel. I'm sure they were disappointed that it was only us. We made our way inside, crossed the small landing area and into the hotel bar which was only moderately crowded. We grabbed a stool at the bar and quickly started chatting with two older men (I'm talking like 75 here) who later picked up our tab.

About an hour into our night at the Goring, the flashing camera lights through the front door caught our eye and through the front door walked Mr. and Mrs. Middleton. Then Kate's dad started walking toward the reception area and revealed that Kate was standing there too. I SAW KATE MIDDLETON! My impressions: teeny-tiny, big hair, paler than expected, and very pleasant.

A toast to you, Kate Middleton. And to the second four day weekend in a row, I toast you, Wills & Kate!

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