Sunday, March 6, 2011

Passport Renewal: Entering Freak Out Mode

Passport Renewal Mission Update:  A week after I submitted my passport renewal details, I received a letter in the mail signed by "Pat" stating that he or she has rejected my passport photos. They're not up to the size requirements and my renewal is now on hold until I resubmit proper photos. That means a week down (out of the expected three weeks to turn around this new passport) and I'm no further along. Two weeks til I leave for Morocco.

Entering Freak Out Mode.

I plan to get up early tomorrow to go to the official photo place recommended by the Embassy and then head straight to the Embassy to find Pat, drop off the new photos, explain my situation and see what he/she can do for me.

Say a little prayer that this works out and my friend Mia isn't flying all the way over from Chicago to go to Morocco with my London friends while I sit at home waiting for the mail to arrive.

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  1. Ugh. Why is it that they reject the 19th century invention of the telephone?


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