Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paris & The Eurostar

I just got home from a quick two-night work trip to Paris. It’s the second time I’ve been since moving to London and sadly I haven’t really seen much of the city because the majority of my time is spent working and sleeping. Lucky for me, even this limited view of Paris is still pretty nice.

The charming Hotel Westminster which is just opposite the office:

View from the office café window:

I’m sure some wouldn’t agree, but one of the parts I really enjoy about Paris is the trip on the Eurostar. Two and a half hours on a high-speed train still gives me a kick. The quiet chug of the tracks puts me to sleep the first hour and the other hour or so I get to spend by myself with nothing pressing to do. Versus a plane, the train wins hands down. No hour-long wait prior to boarding. No jet bridges. No checking bags and no baggage claim. Full size bottles of liquid allowed. Electronic devices from the minute you sit down til the moment you de-train. And you can even stand up and move around before the train has 'come to a complete stop'.

Ok, I have to admit that I'm feeling a bit lame writing this. Maybe next time I head to Paris, I should focus less on getting there and back and more on visiting the Champ E’lyse, the Seine, the Moulin Rouge and Eiffel Tower. I bet then I wouldn’t be going on and on about the train.

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