Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The London Good Life

This past weekend, my longtime friend Gina was in town for a short two-day stay while on her way to India. Shopping, sightseeing, a couple pub meals and a funny night out while being chauffeured around in a friend’s Porsche and that about sums up her trip. Living the London good life.

We spent most of our shopping time wandering through Harrods with our mouths hanging open. Designer gowns fit for the Oscars. A four-poster doggie bed for 800 pounds ($1200!). Wow. That place is really something to see.

Sightseeing was fun. We picked a few things that I hadn’t yet seen since my move so that was a nice change. Here are some pics:

The National Museum at Trafalgar Square

View of Big Ben from Trafalgar Square

Gina with a guard

A tip to David Cameron

Westminster Abbey…future site of Royal Wedding!

Gina giving her Queen wave. She looks very English don't you think?

Tower Bridge at night!

We finished her trip by having a tapas dinner at a cute wine bar. Typically in London, you can’t get a stranger to chat with you no matter how hard you try, the Brits are a very reserved group. Of course, not the case tonight. In the middle of our dinner, some strange guy strolled up and started firing ridiculous questions at us like “What’s your favorite animal”? When he told me that my ‘penguin’ response was the worst in the world, I told him I was done with his questions. The bartender had to get involved to get rid of him. Geez.

Fun time all around. Thanks for making the stop over, Gina!

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  1. The pics turned out great! Thanks for having me, hopefully I'll be back again soon!


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