Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I've made three resolutions this year. We're 23 days into the year, let's check the progress and assign a score:

1. Drink only one coffee per day - This doesn't sound like it should be so hard. Is this even worthy of being a resolution? In years past I've cut out sugar, caffeine and alcohol all at the same time! What's happened to me? A little embarrassing. Ever since I came to London, I drink coffee incessantly (let's not even mention the alcohol or sweets). Time to reign it step at a time. Verdict: Pretty good. Usually one cup with an occasional two. Getting there.

2. Stretch - Bought a Groupon for 5 Pilates classes. Signed up to take the first one last Sunday. Stayed out too late on Saturday night and overslept on Sunday. Did manage to reschedule (and show up) on Thursday. Hm...needs improvement.

3. Pursue Hobbies - One of the things I said I wanted to do when I moved was to take courses, draw again, travel as much as possible and just generally explore hobbies however random they may be. Traveling is the easy one for me, I make it a priority. Last weekend I took a cupcake decorating course. We learned how to make various icing toppings like the Mr. Whippy and the rose. The instructor's greatest piece of advice: If all else fails, load it up with glitter. Here were some of my cupcakes:

Next up, sign up for a drawing class. I've found one that looks good, just need to enroll. Verdict: Pretty good. Of course, pursuing hobbies really shouldn't be that hard :)

What are your resolutions and how are you doing with them?


  1. Your cupcakes look great! My mom would be proud!! I think you should start drawing again, you were soo good in high school. Hope you are doing well, my aunt Amy is coming to London in a few weeks, any tips I can give her?

  2. I vote that you throw out number 1. I am in a country where I cannot get anything but instant coffee on a regular basis (BLECK!) and you should have at least a cup a day for me.
    I resolved to finish writing a book I started 10 years ago. This year, I've done 5 pages. Well... it's still January, and some books are short.


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