Monday, January 3, 2011


I just got back from the Christmas and New Years holidays which I spent in Florida. First was a five-night cruise with my parents and two younger brothers. Given that we were flying in from all over the place and the airports were struggling this year to get passengers to their holiday destinations, it was a miracle we all made it on time.

Eager to shake our winter blues, we set sail on the Carnival Fascination to the Bahamas with visions of suntans and fru-fru cocktails dancing in our heads.

Unfortunately, our shorts and swimsuits never left the suitcase. The weather was crap. It was cold the entire time and the waters were so rough that we had to reroute our stop one day. Over the course of five days, we left the boat for a total of three hours. The highlight of our time on shore was catching the end of a the Boxing Day parade in Nassau.

Pretty impressive floats!

We left with some words of advice from the Bahama natives. This was the educational portion of the trip.

I’m not complaining though. Who can when you spend your day indulging. It’s no exaggeration to say that our days consisted of nothing but eating, drinking, gambling, playing cards, sleeping til 10a and then getting up and do it all over again. I’m rested but geez, I think it’s time for a serious detox.

It’s sort of a funny thing spending Christmas on a cruise. They try......Christmas music played in the cafĂ© all week and I think I saw Christmas tree or two....but really, being on a boat in the middle of the ocean doesn’t really feel Christmasy at all.  My parents' gift to us was the trip so there were minimal gifts to be opened. Good thing I got my Christmas fill in the weeks leading up to the actual day. That's ok....spending a vacation with my family is present enough.

Aw, Jeff is actually smiling without his usual goofy pursed lips look:

Take that you stupid weather:

Me with my Bros:

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  1. Beautiful pictures... You are looking cute in these pictures. I hope you enjoy your rest of time in London. Wish you best of luck but Florida is a beautiful place to spend holidays. Even if you don't get huge number of gifts but yeah spending time with family after long time is a huge gift. Enjoy your life girl.


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