Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Some Updates

Just a random assortment of updates:

Weather - It snowed about 4-5 inches this weekend and the city was in utter chaos. Busses were stuck in the middle of intersections and Heathrow airport completely shut down. Lots of angry travelers found their way back onto the tube after a ten-hour day of sitting at the airport. They weren’t pleased.

It did make my street look amazing though!

Flat – I’ve been in for a month now and it’s starting to come along. Feels like it’s taken forever, but given my visitors and travels, I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it. Oh, and it has no hot water. Wait, let me clarify that. It has hot water while I get in and lather up the shampoo. Then it goes ice cold.

TV - I still don’t have a TV or internet and it's really starting to wear on me. The TV was supposed to be delivered this weekend but due to the “terrible snowstorm”, they cancelled. Only after letting me sit around for five hours waiting. Now I can’t get them to call me back to reschedule and I have Virgin coming on Wednesday to install cable. Not sure how this is going to work. Customer service can really be appalling.

Phone – Got a new phone from Google for Christmas. The beautiful Nexus S. Just as I had gotten used to it, it was stolen by a shady guy with long curly hair in a bar three days later. So at the moment, only about three people have my temporary number. In case you want it, it’s 075 7234 6464 (if you’re calling from within the UK) or +44 75 7234 6464 (if calling from outside the UK). My old number should be re-issued soon so hopefully I'll be back in business by the end of the week.

Fashion - Saturday night female uniform: Tight black dress on top, low boots or booties on bottom, and ‘crazy tights’ in between. Crazy tights are any variation of black tights with designs in them. Designs range from roses to diamonds to crazy patterns…hence the name.

Christmas – I’m ready for it. I’ve really been in the Christmas spirit this year. My family is bypassing the traditional festivities to go on a cruise for the second year in a row. I’m really looking forward to going “home”, meaning the US because I’ll be flying to Florida, which certainly is not home. There is just something about going to the US that feels comforting and just more normal. Everyone speaks like I do, I know the brand names I see in the stores, I know the celebs on TV and I just have a better handle on what to expect in everyday situations. Bottom line, I’m definitely looking forward to the break and spending some quality time relaxing, catching up with the family, playing Texas Hold’Em and just blending in.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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