Monday, December 13, 2010

Chocolate, Beer & Fries with Mayo

I spent the weekend in Brussels with four Chicagoans who I met in London….friends of friends of friends and such. We all get along and decided to take a winter weekend break to visit the big Brussels market. A two hour train ride later and we found ourselves in Belgium…..home of Belgian waffles, chocolate, frites (French fries smothered in mayo), beer (far too strong for my tolerance as I learned on Sat morning), oh and the Manneken Pis!

We stayed in The Bedford Hotel. The rooms were huge and it was very centrally located. However, this hotel could win an award for “Worst walk from Lobby to Room”. To get to our rooms, we had to make a big loop through a parking garage and into this door with the broken awning. Why a door that’s inside a parking garage even has an awning is beyond us.

Brussels has a central square called Grand’Place, which is absolutely fabulous. The buildings are beautifully ornate and overall very impressive. They outfitted the center with a huge sparkling tree and in the evening, a light show set to music reflects on the buildings.


Day one: In search of Christmas market. We found about twelve stalls of Christmas goods and were then off to “the big market” which we couldn’t find. After hours of map consulting and Internet searching and walking to the outer edges of town, we found ourselves very confused.

Of course, we eventually found our way and judging by the amount of bags we all came home with, it was worth the multi-hour detour.

Belgium is a chocolate-lovers dream, actually a food-lovers dream. The portions are huge by European standards and everything is either sticky sweet or very heavy. We love our food (we are American you know) so we took full advantage.

Waffle with banana & strawberries smothered in chocolate

Sausage & Sauerkraut

Chocolate & Biscuit (cookie) shop

Sausage on Mashed Potatoes

Sarah & Amy & Mussels

This was Heather’s last European weekend getaway (for now). After two years in London, she’s heading back to Chicago to see where life takes her next. Bye, Heather! Best of luck to you.

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