Sunday, November 14, 2010


Haven't been blogging much because I've been busy, busy, busy!  

Two weeks ago, I spent a day in Paris for work. 

Office entrance on the left & view of the Opera building on the right: 

Then I spent a week and a half in the big apple for a conference and some training for work. Saw some old work colleagues, a few friends and managed to squeeze in a weekend with my mom. Mom and I toured the various neighborhoods of New York, did quite a bit of shopping and saw the Lion King.  Wow, the Lion King really blew me away, it was the best use of costumes and set I've ever seen on stage.

After eleven nights away, I was ready to come back to London and surprised to hear myself say that. Guess my life here is starting to take some shape.

 Had to laugh when I saw this bike & sign. 

Next up on my travel list: Another trip to Paris for work, Brussels for a weekend of Belgium Christmas Market shopping with friends and a work trip (and hopefully weekend too) in Amsterdam!

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