Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

My friend Amy had 18 people over tonight for a Thanksgiving Feast. It was very reminiscent of “Friend Thanksgiving” that I’ve enjoyed in Chicago for the past several years. There’s just something great about sharing a huge meal together in someone’s home. The hosts, Amy & Cheryl, cooked a 24-pound bird covered in bacon that was just beautiful! There were about 100 side dishes, a dozen “puddings” (aka desserts) and plenty of wine.

I made a pecan pie, just as I’ve done for the past several years. Only this time I had some trouble finding all the ingredients and (of course) had to battle the dreaded oven. I ended up substituting golden syrup for corn syrup and I used a packaged shortcrust dough to roll out the crust instead of using a handy store-bought frozen one like I’ve done in the past. Verdict on the pie: burnt the first one, under-cooked the second one. Guess the third time around it’ll be juuuuuust right.

Tonight’s dinner was especially fun because not only were there a bunch of American expats all celebrating together, but we were also joined by a handful of Brits, an Aussie and an Argentinean. The funniest thing I heard all night was that the Brits had gotten together several years prior for their own version of Thanksgiving. They even took an American quiz, which they all apparently failed. Tonight, they said they tasted several dishes they had never tried before….makes me wonder what exactly they served at their “Thanksgiving” dinner. At the end of the meal, we each went around the table and each shared something we were thankful for. Friends, family, opportunity and each other were common themes and I couldn't agree more. I'm thankful for a lot of things in my life. I'm sad to have spent the holiday away from my family, but lucky to have met some great people that I can call friends and to have enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving all the way across the pond.

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