Monday, November 1, 2010

Temp Housing #2

I haven’t written much lately as I haven’t had an internet connection outside of work in a little while. Really makes me realize how much I rely on the internet for every tiny detail. Planning Jill’s visit from Chicago, finding theater tickets in New York, uploading pictures from Halloween and writing blog posts have all been put on hold, and seemingly simple questions like where’s the nearest movie theater and what terminal at Heathrow am I flying out of all become painful exercises in trying to find the very spot with the best mobile data connection.

I’m still in limbo on the housing front. Supposedly on for the one in Notting Hill but have no firm move-in date. Freaking out has subsided and replaced with “I just don’t care anymore” feeling. At this point, I will be equally surprised if it all works out as planned or if the whole thing just falls apart. We’ll see which way it lands. Meanwhile, I’ve had to live somewhere. And since my company-supplied 30 days of temporary housing has come to an end and I was too cheap to carry it forward a few days, I took my chances on a site called On this site, people rent out spare rooms in their homes for a night at a time. I found a couple in Fulham with what looked like a nice 3-bedroom home and stayed there for the past three nights. Luckily, the pictures and amenities were exactly as described. The place was very nice and the couple was out of town for most of the time. It felt like I actually had a home….one can dream.

I’m enroute to the big apple where I’ll be spending 11 days – working & training in the New York office, attending a conference and hanging out with my mom who is coming to visit for the weekend. I’m really looking forward to it. If anyone’s around in NY, give me a shout!

When I return, I’ve arranged to stay at a friend of a friend’s who I met in London. She has been kind enough to lend me her place while she’s on a 3-week vacation. I’m flattered by her generosity. Hopefully, sometime within her 3-week vacation, I'll get the green light to move out and and into my own place and I can (finally) stop talking about housing!

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