Sunday, November 14, 2010

St. Paul's Cathedral

Before moving to London, I signed up for a bunch of Meetup groups. If you're not familiar with, it's a way for regular people to start an interest group and organize events to bring the group members together. I've signed up for groups ranging from Americans in London, Photography Lovers,  Cupcake Chicks and about six others.

Yesterday, I grabbed Jen, a friend of a Chicago friend, and together we attended our first event with the London Cultureseekers group. We toured St. Paul's Cathedral in small groups.  In addition to the two us, our group consisted of David, a history buff who grew up near London, and Claudia, a retired Argentinian woman who spends six months in France and six months in Argentina and frequently visits her kids who are studying in London.

And because everything in London involves pubs, we had a couple pints together following the tour. Here, Claudia explained that French people are much ruder than the Swiss (based on her experience with grocery store cashiers) and that men just get more broken and more difficult with age and if we aren't married by 40, we're much better off staying single. Meanwhile, 31-year old (and I guess that means only slightly broken) David shared his philosophy behind running a home for adults with learning disabilities.  All in all, an interesting afternoon and quite 'cultural', true to the group's name.

Some decent pics of the Cathedral. Does make me wonder if they'd be better if I'd attended some of those Photography Lover groups.

After the tour and pub, Jen, David & I enjoyed a traditional fish and chips dinner at "Ye Old Cheshire Cheese", one of the oldest pubs in London.  David being cool & checking out the menu:

And then Jen and I continued onto Shoreditch (the Wicker Park of London) for a cocktail. Mine came with a shot of champagne!

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  1. Love the "over 40" perspective. I'll keep that in mind. I love even more that your drink comes with a shot of champagne!


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