Monday, November 1, 2010

Speaking of Friends….Thanks

Speaking of Friends, I miss my dear friends at home. Thank god for Facebook*. Before I left, my friends threw me going away brunches and dinners, a Bon Voyage party and some of my Chicago girlfriends even came over and cleaned out my place for me. I don't know how many trips to Salvation Army they saved me.

Officially...I want to say thanks. Much appreciated. Thanks to everyone for their support and enthusiasm and friendship. I think about you all the time. If you’re ever in need of a vacation, I’d love to have you!

*Does anyone else find it just a tad ironic that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to help people connect with their friends online, yet he royally screwed over the one person he could call a real friend?

I sent them each home with bags of junk:


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