Monday, November 1, 2010


I was invited to a Halloween party this past weekend. In England, they do celebrate Halloween, but to a much lesser extent. Halloween costumes (if worn at all) consist of the very traditional – witches, ghosts, bats, werewolves and pale faces with fake blood all pass. They call this “Fancy Dress”, as in “I’m attending a fancy dress party”. The term is used to describe not just Halloween, but any time you dress up…and there are a LOT of fancy dress parties in London. Era parties (20s or 70s for example) are all too common, and I’ve also heard of “Fairies & Ogres” and a “Rehab” party where everyone had to dress as a celebrity who has been through some sort of rehab.

The Halloween party I attended was thrown by Americans and so normal rules applied….as in costumes more original than ghosts were expected….and delivered. Here are some pics:

Together, they were "The Third Wheel"

Most awesome Hangover costumes EVER!

Poor thing - this frame was HUGE.

Can you guess? He's a cereal killer.

Amy & Me

Ben Stiller Look-a-like
Taken from my phone so a little grainy, but as close to Lisbeth Salandar as I'll ever be! 

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