Monday, November 1, 2010

Girl Dates

Before moving, I had nightmares that looked like this: I’d be sitting on my bed cross-legged, researching all kinds of vacation spots across Europe. I’d find some great deals and get excited. Then suddenly I would realize that I had nobody to travel with. Luckily that hasn’t been the case at all. If housing has been the hardest part of the move, meeting people has been the easiest.

It’s a funny thing when you tell people you’re moving to another city. Everyone seems to know someone who lives there too. Before I left Chicago, I took down all of the various names and contact info and stored them in a spreadsheet. Nerdy, I know. But it gave me some comfort that if I ever found myself in the above scenario, that I could take out the spreadsheet and start working the list. Four weeks in, I’ve met up with quite a few of these people. All in all, lots of random nights out with people you don’t really know and many dinners or drinks on what can really best be described as girl dates. Honestly, it’s been fun. And I have gone on a couple real dates too….you know, with guys.

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  1. That's what life's all about, putting yourself out there and living. So happy to see you embracing the mystery and enjoying the ride. Cheers you.


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