Friday, October 22, 2010

The X Factor

The X Factor is the next iteration of American Idol. And it's all the rage right now. It dominates water cooler talk and is featured in the papers all the time. What boggles my mind is that it's on Saturday night and still manages to draw 12Million the UK, a population much smaller than that of the US.  That means every fifth person is at home on a Saturday night watching X Factor! Simon Cowell is the Executive Producer of this one too. And he's bringing it to the US soon so get excited.

Apparently Simon has become obsessed with white teeth and even treated all the contestants to a teeth whitening treatment before performing. To top it off, he made one of the judges get plastic surgery.

There's a lot written up about X Factor and Simon. Here's my favorite excerpt (Source:

So obviously Simon Cowell was eventually going to leave American Idol to start an American version of X Factor. Because that way he gets to make even more money. Enough money, even, for Simon Cowell to finally realise his dream of making his teeth so ridiculously white that he can use them to deflect sunlight into the eyes of his enemies, instantly burning their retinas into minuscule, irreparably shrivelled-up husks. Or, if that fails, making his haircut so stupid that it transfixes his enemies for so long that they eventually clatter into a lamppost.

I passed Simon's house the other day in Kensington. It was a mansion taking up an entire corner lot. Black Bentley parked out front.


  1. How do you know where Simon lives?!? Must check this out.

  2. When I was riding around with one of the rental agents, he pointed out Simon' house!

  3. I'm getting sucked in Shannon. You have to help me get out ... I didn't even know what the show was and then I saw "Cher" walking through Covent Garden with the paparazzi swarming her and I had to find out what it was about. Now, I'm already looking forward to next weekend performances. My already weak social life will suffer.


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