Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One for the Girls


A few (rather girlie) reasons to come to London:

1. I'm here. If that's not reason enough, we're not as good of friends as I thought, but fine. Read on :)

2. Champagne bar at the top of the oh-so-posh Harvey Nichols department store. Look at this place, it is so cute and I'm dying to go.

3. Shopping - Selfridges, an enormous and beautiful department store started by American Harry Gordon Selfridge. Apparently, he's the guy credited with coining the term 'the customer is always right' (Thanks, Wikipedia). The store on Oxford Street which I visited today is breathtaking. The window displays alone are beautiful. It boasts 15 restaurants including a wine bar, a cupcake shop (yes, of course I went), sushi bar and coffee shop to name a few. Oh, and this store is the biggest single shoe destination in the world.  Just see the of magazine below which they provide to shoppers. 

One Additional Fashion Update: Short,  tight leather jackets are all the rage.  You might want to get one.

4. Gardens - Some of the prettiest grassy areas can be found walking around London. Rose gardens, sunken gardens, royal gardens - take your pick!

5. Shows - London theater rivals Broadway and half price ticket booths scattered around town help make enjoying them possible.  There are big mainstage musicals like Billy Elliott and Wicked on right now, some others like Flashdance (the musical), an Andrew Lloyd Weber Love Story and then TONS of small stages all over the city. 

And if you're not a girl and still got through this blog post, thanks. Of course, there's plenty for the guys too. To start, see #1.  And don't forget the millions of pubs, Abbey Road, Sherlock Holmes and fish & chips, football (aka soccer) and the list goes on and on.....

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