Friday, October 22, 2010

A Flat

I don't want to write this. I really shouldn't write this. I'm deathly afraid of putting this on paper (er, well, close enough). I just know I'm going to put a hex on the whole thing.

I signed on for a flat. It's in Notting Hill about ten minute's walk from the north end of Portobello Market which features fruit/veggie stands, antiques, clothing, furniture, etc. I visited a couple weekends ago and it was good fun.

The flat should work out pretty well. It's a two bedroom, is quite sizable by London standards, has a dishwasher (this is a bonus believe it or not), and is on the second floor with a balcony. So what if you have to climb through a window to get to the balcony.  And  the bathroom has a really strange configuration, oh and one of the bedrooms doesn't have any closets whatsoever, and I don't think there's a dryer. Typical.  I'm hoping the roommate situation works out as planned. If it doesn't, I'll have to find someone, and quick. The place costs 3x my Chicago 2-bed condo mortgage for roughly the same square footage.  London is really expensive and the flats can be really crap, and unbelievably, hard to score.

Once I get in (date still TBD) I'll post pictures. I can't wait to get settled.


  1. Congrats Shannon! I hope it works out for you. Can't imagine the stress of not having a place to live.
    I'm loving your blog! It's interesting - the longer you're there, the more you're speaking (writing?) like a Brit! Do you notice it?
    Best of luck with the roommate situation!

  2. Im glad you found a place!! seems like our put much hard work into finding one. post pictures when you have a chance :)

  3. Fingers crossed for you!! Notting Hill is awesome...sounds like a good find!

  4. Julie - I don't know if I speak it but I definitely notice I write more English. They just use certain phrases and it gets stuck in my head! Good to hear from you!


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