Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Few Observations

On Friday night, I was invited to a pub show. What’s a pub show? It's literally a play held in a small theater (oops, I mean theatre) in the back of a pub. The show was actually pretty heavy, but followed the marriage of an American couple in Chicago. The British actors put on their best American accents and proudly referenced Walmart, Arby's and Shoe Carnival while they backyard barbecued in Arlington Heights and drank diet coke. Pretty amusing. I was invited by a woman who I used to work with at Nielsen and two other girls from Chicago also joined us. While I was the obvious newbie, the other three have each been in London for less than three months.  The four of us made a good little 'Get Started in London Together' crew. They all live in Islington close to the pub, the area where I'll likely be living when my temporary housing ends in a month's time. For those of you from Chicago, think Bucktown but bigger and Armitage but not as stuffy. It has a very neighborhoody feel, but still pretty happening. It seems perfect.

So, a few observations after being in London for about two days:
  • FASHION: Of great importance here. I’m feeling very Bridget Jones. Take Note: Ankle boots. They're everywhere. Must wear tights or jeans tight enough to tuck inside. Knee-high boots still spotted but seem to be on the verge of 'so last year'.
  • THE TUBE: Pretty awesome except that it closes at midnight which is not awesome at all.
  • RIGHT vs. LEFT: They drive on the left, walking up the tube escalators (rather than standing) is to be done on the left. However, walking through the tube station (not on escalators) is done on the right. Walking on the street is all over the map. I just can't get it down. Between consciously trying to walk on the left but naturally drifting right, I just seem to be running into people constantly. It's literally making it stressful to walk down the street. Thank god for the painted 'look left' and 'look right' at the crosswalks or I'd be run over twice by now.
  • CELSIUS: Man, I need to learn this asap. Today it was 15, whatever that means.
  • MAKING OUT: Very public and quite aggressive. Much more frequently witnessed as the evening goes on.
  • ADDRESSES: Make absolutely no sense. One side of the street could start in the teens and increase as you head north while the other side of the same street might start in the 300s and decrease as you head north. Seriously, so confusing.
  • ELECTRICAL: There are no outlets in the bathroom. Recently learned that this is because the voltage is too high and it poses a great fire risk. Makes hair drying & styling very unpleasant.

I thought this was pretty clever: they paint the upcoming street names right there on the street!


  1. I am so proud of you! So glad you are blogging (and giving me something else to read in my downtime at work). Can't wait to hear more :)

  2. Yeah! I love reading this! We noticed the same thing in Italy with the ankle boots and jeans. Everybody wears skinny boot cut pants of any type to be seen.


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