Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Post #1

While I was packing all my belongings over the past week or so, I came across some scribbled notes I took during a psychic reading from 4 years ago. I read through the notes and in addition to falling in love with a tall, dark man who loves kids and baseball, the psychic told me that as I got older, I would write. While I remember that I found this notion to be absurd at the time (and told her as much), she claimed that one day it would make some sense. Since I doubt writing articles, screenplays or novels is really in my future, perhaps this blog is what she meant. Even if she was just full of crap, I hope to keep this blog going to log my crazy life journey both for myself and for my loved ones at home. So here it goes...

I’m sitting on my half empty Aer Lingus flight headed to London via Dublin. It’s 2AM Ireland time on September 29th and my mind is on overdrive. I don’t feel like watching TV and I’m too anxious to sleep. Suddenly the emotions are hitting me in a way that I didn’t expect. Maybe it’s the wine. Or maybe it's the reality that I’m actually moving across the Atlantic, something I’ve been waiting for for weeks now. I’ve been so excited with anticipation but now the packing is done, the condo is rented, the car is sold, the leaving parties have come and gone and now, now comes the hard part...actually doing it.

Moving to London has been a dream of mine ever since a summer internship following my junior year of college. Something about the sites, the diversity, the expansiveness, the gardens, the ease of travel, (ok fine…..the accents) piqued my interest and I was bound to find my way back. Who knew it would take 9 years to make it happen, just as my life in Chicago was really comfortable and easy. Someone recently told me that easy was boring and I think that’s what catapulted me into taking this leap.  It was time for a change. I’ll be forever grateful to my employer for making this a reality and to my friends and family for helping and supporting me and making the move...well, easy.

In the minutes before boarding, I bought the most recent edition of BusinessWeek magazine and I just finished reading it cover to cover. One of the final articles provides travelers with a list of small wineries to tour as day trips from specific cities. Ironically 3 of the 6 cities listed include London, Chicago and Cincinnati (in that order). I had to smile to myself as these chronicle my exact residences. If the article is to be believed, I’ll be in Boston, Moscow and Dallas next. Unlikely, but then again, so was this.


  1. love love LOVE this....keep it up - can't wait to read more!

  2. i'm following you on reader now!

  3. Shannon Sounds Pretty Exciting! Safe travels and I am sure your bound to have a few stories to tell.



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